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Joo Ching LimJoo Ching Lim
04:45 07 Apr 24
Ok. Quite cheap and good kopitiam environment.
Jennifer LeeJennifer Lee
12:43 27 Mar 24
Ordered the grilled fish, bun cannot change, fish portion is very small. Mash potato is the worse, cold and gravy taste funky. Won’t recommend
09:32 22 Mar 24
The workers were smoking and then handling the food directly. Poor hygiene and arrogant work attitude in the middle of the night.
Jaclyn YapJaclyn Yap
05:37 14 Mar 24
Food is good but the management needs to do something about its staffing.There was only one person managing the stall. From taking orders to payment collection to cooking to plating to ensuring the order was collected.I was left waiting for 10 minutes whilst the stall was empty (I suppose the staff went to the washroom)?I hope the management is able to look into its staffing resources as this seems to be a recurring feedback.
Gabrielle LeeGabrielle Lee
09:39 05 Mar 24
no queue but was told that need to wait at least 35 minutes as he is prepping food for dinner
Vespel SpVespel Sp
07:20 03 Mar 24
Fauzli SheikFauzli Sheik
14:19 17 Feb 24
Told me they were changing the oil and had to wait 20mins. 40mins in and still won't take orders, but they could serve delivery orders. Waited like a clown.
Andy ChuaAndy Chua
14:12 06 Feb 24
Sometimes it takes too long to wait, half an hour??? During midnite? should get more staff as sometime I only see one person working. Poor guy
Dahlia ZailaniDahlia Zailani
09:34 05 Feb 24
Ordered food. Still got missing items despite reminding twice. Told them i do not want the chill powder on fries. Still put. Food quality has dropped so much. Fries not fresh taste old. Service staff is nonchalant. No more buying.
Aminudin NordinAminudin Nordin
15:54 28 Jan 24
Stay ChillStay Chill
02:11 26 Jan 24
Xian Li CaoXian Li Cao
01:43 24 Jan 24
15:13 23 Jan 24
Food was decent but slow cooking time. Service could have been better. Not ideal for work lunch time.
Zak RazzakZak Razzak
10:29 23 Jan 24
One of the worst Fatty Bom Bom outlets. No customers queuing yet need to wait about 15 mins just to order.After ordering still need to wait more than 30 mins.Lady staff that serve seriously have attitude problem, seems like not motivated to work.Food, meh.Their other outlets are overall way better.
ben anaqiben anaqi
15:39 22 Jan 24
06:05 22 Jan 24
Not too bad, foods at least not cold like what i had years back.But can improve on allowing the oil to drip before serving as u can see the pic, very oily
Ashlyn TanAshlyn Tan
15:49 20 Jan 24
Muhammad KhairulMuhammad Khairul
10:18 04 Jan 24
Food is fantastic. But only one person managing the whole shop during peak period. Had to wait almost an hour. Poor guy doing everything by himself. Their management really need to do something about this.
Kelvin WutongshenKelvin Wutongshen
00:25 12 Dec 23
billyjoe quitaligbillyjoe quitalig
20:55 09 Dec 23
Shayne WanShayne Wan
14:24 06 Dec 23
Huzaifah HuzHuzaifah Huz
18:58 25 Nov 23
Very nice place to come over 😃
14:09 18 Nov 23
The young Indian lady was working all alone and even though there was a bunch of orders, she still gave us our food relatively quick. The food tasted yummy. She was cashiering and cooking. She was handling it all alone well. She deserves to be paid well for the work she’s getting done.
Howdy HappyHowdy Happy
03:51 14 Oct 23
Ordered & paid from kiosk only to be told food not available. Cannot refund. Tis is her reply:Kiosk not my one. Why u order from kiosk. Come here to order la. Kiosk not my one. Coming from stall people to customer whom had paid. It's customer fault to order from kiosk..not my problem.Pls do not order from here.
PK OngPK Ong
06:06 02 Aug 22
Tried the tender beef steak today. First time eating here. It was done just right (not overcooked or too bloody). Loved the fried bun and mashed potato was good as well. Fries I didn’t like that much cos a little soggy.
William LuWilliam Lu
06:53 28 Jun 22
I always ordered on take-away. Given the beeper upon order and what I did was strolling around the area but sometimes the beepee won't reach till the supermarket area where I always go while waiting.I tried quite a number of menu at here, I come here whenever I am craving for western food. The taste was ok. A bit bigger portion because it is western food.
Ravina SRavina S
07:06 26 Jan 22
Usually love their crunchy chicken. But today's had a lot of fats in it. There was coleslaw, mayonnaise with bun, wedges in the set with the chicken and it cost $7.90. We reached the shop at 11.22am. Staff were there and looked like they were ready for orders. But when we stood at the cashier, the guy said "we only open at 11.30am". A matter of 8 minutes. It's all about customer service I guess.